Welcome to our vision.   Over a decade of time and global research went into fabricating this unique and professional experience tailored to offering you the absolute best chance at data recovery from your failed hard drive. We specialize in advanced clean room hard drive repair – RAID and Server Data Recovery – Dropped hard drive data recovery  – iMac/Macbook data Recovery – USB Flash data recovery – SSD data recovery – NAS data recovery – Same day diagnostics and emergency service available by request in our state of the art in-house Labs.
Tri-State Data Recovery & Forensics, LLC
Philadelphia Headquarters

ri-State Data Recovery is located minutes from Philadelphia in Collegeville, Pennsylvania.   We have been Philadelphia’s most trusted on-site data recovery firm since 2010.   In November 2013 we were interviewed on location and featured in Tri-State Data Recovery article

The confidentiality and security of your data is our priority.

All work is done on premises in a secure, alarmed lab.  All data is stored on our encrypted servers for the stated period of time.  This means that we aren’t outsourcing your drive to another state and tacking on fees!  We aren’t compromising the security of your data. This means that you won’t have to worry about where it’s going or if it’s being worked on someone qualified enough… Avoid permanent data loss.  You will always have the opportunity to speak with the engineer who will be working on your hard drive data recovery.  Not a salesman.  We use certified class 10 clean rooms to repair damaged drives and are one of the only companies in the Tri-State area that is HIPAA certified and compliant. Taking your drive to a friend or tampering with it yourself from reading “do-it-yourself” tactics found online could leave your hard drive unrecoverable by anyone. Once a drive becomes physically damaged it’s important to stop powering it on and set it aside for professional services or you risk losing everything.

  In February 2015 we were interviewed on location and featured in a great story from the MainLine Media News. 

Running software on a damaged drive could “beat it to death” by creating an unrecoverable amount of bad sectors.

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Tri-State Data Recovery reviews

e76bd7ececfe2b1a930be4a73da55ac1“Don managed to recover 98% of my 2tb drive that was damaged from heat and a drop. I had numerous photos for clients that I hadn’t delivered or backed up along with a number of personal files. He’s also just a really cool guy. So Grateful to had my drive in the care of the best.”

Stephanie Ramones, Philadelphia, PA

Tri-State Data Recovery uses annually quality tested proprietary class 10 cleanrooms

We use proprietary class 10 ISO certified cleanrooms here in our lab for level advanced recoveries.  If you schedule an appointment for dropping off the drive we will be happy to thoroughly explain the process.   The cleanrooms are necessary in any level 3 data recovery where the drive must be opened revealing the platters.   Dust, or airborne particles must not come into contact with the platters or the risk unrecoverable sectors and a head crash can easily occur.    Since the heads float on top of the platters like an airplane wing  only a fraction of the width of a human hair, a simple dust particle could cause a head crash.   Many companies show generic pictures of large medical facilities with class 10, 100 or 1000 clean rooms that are used in hospitals to contain virus’.  These types of clean rooms are not necessary in Data Recovery,  although it surely wouldn’t hurt!  Be especially careful if dealing with these types of companies and other “solution providers”.  Make sure that they aren’t outsourcing to another company.  This ensures you aren’t overpaying with the middleman fees and keeps the risk of data theft and loss from under qualified techs minimal.

Avoid companies that advertises clean rooms aren’t needed or offers the low flat rates gimmicks.  This means they don’t have a clean room  or  plan on ordering parts if needed.  Who knows what they will do to your drive once they receive it.  They often just return it as unrecoverable, keep it, or destroy it if it isn’t an easy fix.  We have received many drives that have been opened and tampered with by the wrong person only to result in permanent data loss and drive destruction.  About 50% of the drives we receive require clean room repair such as head replacements.