August, 2011

“I lost my entire hard drive this summer on my 1 1/2 year old HP desktop. I am a small business owner and had not backed up my business account information in a few months so I needed to get this information back. When I called the manufacturer I read them my error code and they told me that the information is gone and not to even bother taking it to anyone because they will not be able to retrieve it. I refused to believe that and knew I had to try so my husband, also a business owner of two companies referred me to one of his IT guys. This guy did everything from putting my hard drive in the freezer to getting a new board for it from Canada. After a month of waiting for a new board, thinking that this was hopefully the problem, he too was unsuccessful. My sister then told me about Don who does work for her and her husbands company. She told me that data recovery was one of his specialties so I thought it would be worth it to give it one more try. In less then a week he had retrieved all of my information! I was amazed, not only for the retrieval but also how reasonable the cost was to have this done. There is no doubt in my mind that Don would be the first person I would refer anyone too and if I need any help with my computers in the future Don will be the person I call. I don’t know what Don did that no one else could do but I am thrilled I gave it one last shot. Thank you Don !”

-Karen Guarini
Innovative Solutions Ultrasound Supplies

March, 2012

“On Christmas Eve, my 1 TB WD external hard drive fell about 2 1/2 feet to the carpeted floor. At first, it seemed like it was working. Then, however, I heard a clicking sound and it just stopped. My wife and I were devastated. We stored all of our files on that drive, including many photos, including all of our son’s baby pictures– even those taken when he was first born. Needless to say, it was a very sad Christmas for us. On top of the personal files, I lost an extensive audio library that included music, airchecks, and interviews that I’d collected while working in radio. I started making calls about the damaged drive and even brought it to several computer repair shops. I was repeatedly told there was nothing anyone could do for it, though someone suggested it was likely a forensic case that would require a clean room. I did a google search and found “Tri-State Data Recovery & Forensics” right here in South Jersey. My wife and I met with the owner, Don Anderson, who showed us his lab and clean room. We felt very comfortable leaving the drive with him. He e-mailed us regular updates and, to our delight, was finished in about one week! He warned us before-hand that there could be some loss of data, however, Don was able to recover 98% of our files! I’m thrilled to say that every file of importance was found intact. On top of doing a great job, Don charged us much less than the esitmates we received from other data recovery services. He even agreed to a payment plan which made this possible for us. We can’t say enough about Don Anderson and “Tri-State Data Recovery & Forensics”. Thanks Don, for a job well done!”

-Joe Cook,
Vineland NJ

July, 2012

“I have been in IT for 25 years, and have yet to encounter an issue I could not resolve on my own. That is, until this week. Physical damage to a laptop hard drive made it unreadable in any system. I contacted Tri-State, and spoke with Don – he told me to bring it down and he would look at it to see if it was recoverable. Not only did he look at it, but 48 hours later (during a holiday shortened week) I had the data recovered onto a portable drive. The cost was less than many competitors, and the turnaround was much faster. Don is now my go-to guy for data recovery, and would highly recommend him to anyone needing his services. This seems like more than just a job to him – he really seems to care about getting your data back. Thanks Don for getting me back up and running!”

-James Heitz
New York

July, 2012

“We were in the middle of a network upgrade when one of my main storage servers decided to up and die on us. The server contained a lot of archived files as well as some profiles which would have been very difficult to replace. After several failed attempts at recovering the data, i was referred to Tri-State. Don brought back all of the data which I was convinced was lost forever. I highly recommend using Tri-State for your data recovery needs.”

-John Ciresi
White Coffee Corp.
New York

January, 2013

“Excellent service! Was able to recover info when 3 others could not”

-Scott Difrancesco
Sicklerville, NJ

July, 2013

“My daughter lost all of her school work and photo library from the past 2 years when her iMac crashed. Don was able to recover every bit of data after Apple was unable to do so. He did it within 24 hours of receiving the hard drive and sent it back to us just as quickly. The whole process of sending him our drive, recovering the data and sending the data back to us took only 3 days. And, Don was very professional and easy to talk to considering my lack of technical speak. Thanks a million!”

-Jane Britton
East Windsor, NJ

November, 2011

“Don, Thanks again for your very fast, level 2 service for my daughter’s laptop. It contained all of her college work, photos, music and new work information as well from over the years. Very important information to her and you had it all back to us in no time. Thanks again for the prompt, complete and helpful service. I hope all is well. Best regards,”

-Peter Tillstrom,
Center Valley PA

February, 2012

“Don, It has been a pleasure doing business with you. You did a great job recovering the data from my damaged flash drive. A good portion of this data was needed to file my 2011 business federal and state income tax. I will use your company again if needed and I will be telling my friends about the services you provide. Once again, thank you for your effort and the professional manner in which you handled my problem. I was able to open the downloaded information and I got the DVD you mailed and it works fine.”

-Anthony Cipriano
Cipriano and Sons Landscaping


December, 2011

“This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with a company. On having my hard drive crash I took my drive to a different company. They said they could retrieve my data but needed to run some test. Next day called and said they couldn’t do this for me. Gave me tri states number and told me to call Don. I called and spoke to Don told him what had happened and he told me to bring the drive down to him and we would see what could be done. When I got there Don checked the drive and it was not working at all. Don said that he would work on it right away and told me he would call to let me know. About two hours later he called and said he got the drive working and was putting the data on a new external drive. Don was very understanding. He did everything he said and was very good at what he does. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs work done on their hard drive. A very satisfied customer.”
-John Mailahn,
Pennsauken NJ


May, 2012

“Can you put a price on a lifetime of pictures of your children? I couldn’t. Don is the best in the business. Affordable too. He was able to recover my data on my hard drive quickly and for a much lower price than the national guys. He was an A+ communicator and made sure I was satisfied. Both my old and new drives were returned to me wrapped in bubble wrap – a small thing, but just an indication that he took very good care of my data. I am a very satisfied customer. If you are in a desperate situation like I was – you would probably mortgage your house to get your data back if you had to. Well, here’s a guy where you won’t have to mortgage your house and he will do a fantastic job for you. Thanks Don!!!!”

-Larry Daugherty,
Glenside, PA

Here you will find real life testimonials from some of our highly respected clients’. These date back a few years.  You can find more recent ones on our Google Page.  The following stories are direct quotes from our clients’.

August, 2013

“I called Don in an absolute panic. Our business lost ALL of its data on a RAID hard-drive configuration. It was an absolutely HORRIBLE feeling that left me sick. I called Don and shot over to his lab on a Friday night. I was impressed with his set-up. I explained the severity of the situation. He promised he would work day and night to recover our data, and he did. We would have been totally FINISHED if we did not recover the data. The corruption was BAD. If it were not for Don, I would have lost 2 years of work. I thought he was expensive – then I called others! His pricing was VERY reasonable. Thanks again Don.”

-Steven Vosbikian
Vosbikian & Vosbikian, LLC.


September, 2013

“Great support. Quick response absolutely phenomenal service. Will definitely be using tri-state data if needed. Always available for questions and knowledge of the business was impressive. thanks again”

-Paul Falcone
Brick, NJ

June, 2011

“Tri-State Data Recovery was excellent,they were always available when I needed data recovery services and I was able to get back 100% of my very important data from a failed hard drive. They were efficient and timely and always responded to my concerns and were upfront comcerning costs that allowed me to determine which data was worth the expense of recovering. The service was professional, knowledgable, well informed on the latest trends and technolgy in the industry yet very personal and responsive. I would recommend their Data Recovery and Computer Support service to all who need assistance with their computer systems and data integrity, they seem to be able to help out with all and any problems that pop up. Don thanks for your service, your efficiency, honesty and expertise were very much appreciated.”

-Andrew C,. Putnam, P.L.S

October, 2011

“Tri-State Data recovery came through when I had a hard drive crash. He was able to recover a substantial amount of data even though my disk drive was physically damaged. He recovered valuable Word and PDF documents and more than 12 thousand photos that would otherwise have been lost. He was professional, quick and efficient, providing me with the information I needed when I needed to make my business function. I cannot say enough good things about Tri State and its owner, Mr. Don Anderson. Keep up the good work.”

-Joe Arsenault
Environmental Consulting

November, 2011

“I am writing this letter to personally thank you and to commend you for recovering 100% of the data on my Laptop. Early November my hard drive failed. I had not backed up my data and was extremely worried since all my Business Data and Information was located on this Drive. I researched online and found Mr.Anderson. I Spoke with him the same day and met him half way and dropped off my hard drive.Within 24 hours Don was able to figure out the problem for the Hard Drive failure and assured that the data can be recovered. Don was able to recover 100% of my data and loaded same on a external hard drive. I would highly recommend Tri-State Data Recovery to anyone looking for such a service. Don is very knowledgable and can recover all the data in timely and efficient fashion.. ”

-Rakesh Reddy,
Vice President NobleSOft Solutions, Inc.

January, 2012

“As you can imagine if you need to call someone for data recovery you’re probably in a bad position and mine was no exception. I was in the process of backing up my main hard drive containing the only copies of my clients’ video footage when my 1 1/2 year old knocked the drive to the floor. I immediately became sick with fear and started playing out the lawsuits in my mind. I found Don’s company on-line and called and he answered even thought it was pretty late on a Saturday night! He immediately checked the drive and gave me some hope. He then did a bunch of research and found a process that could raise the possibility of recovery significantly. He gave me regular status updates along the way and was able to recover the whole drive with his new technique! Don is very professional and thorough and I highly recommend him for all of your data recovery needs. Thanks again Don!”

-David Rosenzweig,
Rosetree Films

March, 2012

“Tri-State Data Recovery answered my call for help. I researched many firms on the NET and physically visited some “drop-off” sites that just felt like too much of a risk. I felt comfortable sending my defective flashdrive with valuable data to Tri-State Data Recovery after researching the company website, Facebook page, and calling and speaking to the person that would be doing the work. I also selected them because they were honest about the likelihood of recovery, the potential project time, and his fees. In the end, it was a successful recovery. I strongly recommend Tri-State Data Recovery to anyone in need of recovering flashdrive data. Thanks again!”

-Rick Ortega
North Wales, PA

February, 2012

“Don, I cannot thank you enough. I had a number of important, files, articles, presentations, etc. many of which were one of a kind and unfortunately not backed up on my hard drive. When my flash drive stopped working a few weeks back, my heart sank. I was even more downtrodden after a local computer repair shop was unable to retrieve any data from the flash drive after 3 days. Upon searching out other options on the internet, I was immediately impressed by your website and felt that this was a last ditch effort with a slim chance of recovering my data. To my absolute surprise, after talking with you, I had some hope. You went above and beyond and did not give up after encountering some technical issues with the data being encrypted. A few weeks later after being resigned to the fact that my data was lost forever, you came through and recovered every last file. The price was very reasonable and the customer service top notch. Thanks again for the extra effort.” Sincerely,

-David Wald,
Penn Valley PA


February, 2013

“I am a professional consultant to the construction industry in the NY, NJ, CT, PA & DE area. I install and train end-users on an Accounting, Project Management and Estimating software package. I make my living as a “road warrior” with my laptop. My 4-year-old laptop hard drive (320 GB) crashed Friday. I shut down at my client in NYC – drove home – started up – and got the never ending blinking cursor on a black screen! I made multiple attempts to start up the computer over the next few hours; all no good. One too many jolts in the laptop bag I guess! I was able to verify the bad drive by swapping it with a known good unit and the computer started fine – but without my critical files. I had backups – but all were over 35 days old. I backup monthly and was slightly overdue. But I do not backup my calendar of business appointments, my Internet Favorites or my saved email files. Not to mention the last thirty days of billing, custom reports, client notes and many other files! I suddenly found myself on a Friday evening not knowing where I was supposed to be at work the following week or with whom, and also not having the ability to email them, even if I knew who they were! And not having Internet Favorites was just the sour icing on my Super Bowl weekend disaster cake! Using my home PC, I searched the Internet for hard drive repair specialists. I got many hits and some within ten miles of me, but Don Anderson of Tri-State Data Recovery & Forensics LLC was the only one that answered his phone at eight o’clock on a Friday night. He agreed that the hard drive had failed and data needed to be recovered. He said if he got the drive on Monday he could make a diagnosis and if data could be recovered he could have it back to me on an external hard drive by that Friday. I went to bed that Friday night feeling I had a good chance of recovering my files, but got very little sleep worrying about what I was going to do for a living the following week and how many of my clients I was going to disappoint by not showing up at their offices and not calling to explain why because I did not know which companies to call! So, I stopped tossing and turning in bed and got up at 3:00 am; waited until 9:00 am and called Don again. He answered again – on a Saturday – the day before the Super Bowl. I told him my situation with clients and asked if I drove my hard drive to him, could he do the diagnosis while I waited. He told me to arrive at 1:00 PM. I drove the 90 miles and arrived on time. He took me into his workshop and plugged my drive into his diagnostic equipment. After 10 minutes he told me the drive was physically jammed or damaged and needed to be disassembled. Don offered to do that while I waited to see if he could free the mechanism and do the diagnosis again. I watched him put on clinical gloves and a face mask. He mounted the drive in a special clamp inside a portable “clean room” device. While I looked at the many certificates and degrees on his wall, he disassembled my drive and was able to free up the heads. He also told me the drive had been dropped or jolted hard enough to cause the heads to hit the drive – essentially causing scratches on the drive – like a needle used to do on old record players. There was definitely file damage. He re-assembled and ran the diagnostics again after re-aligning the heads and verifying that they were still operating correctly. The end result was the diagnostic came back positive and he was able to begin reading my drive. Don started the “imaging” process which transferred my data with the bad sectors (“scratches”) to a good hard drive. What did that mean to me? My data was recoverable! Don told me he would work on the recovered data and do his best to repair the damaged sectors (the difficult work in the recovery process). I left his office with the happy knowledge and confidence that most of my data would be recovered. Now it was a question of when I could get my data back in hand so I could begin the lengthy process of putting it on a new laptop! I drove the 90 miles back home and began reloading my programs to my new laptop so that when I did get my recovered data– I would be ready to transfer quickly. I slept well on Saturday night, and did my best to wait patiently until 10:00 am on Super Bowl Sunday, when I called Don again, and again he answered! He was just finishing the transfer of the repaired files to a new 500 GB external USB hard drive. This drive I could plug into my new laptop and copy and paste as needed. He told me he was able to recover and repair 99.9% of my files – FANTASTIC! Don said the drive would be ready by noon. I happily hopped back into my car and drove the 90 miles back to his office. Don was able to show me all of my files on my new external drive. He also took the time to show me where my Calendar, Internet Favorites and my email files were kept. The end result: by 7:30 that evening, I was back in business – literally. I knew which clients I had to see on Monday. I could once again contact my customers by email and had not lost a month’s worth of consulting files and custom report work. And I was able to watch the exciting second half of the Super Bowl with the easy confidence that I could work the next day! Don Anderson of Tri-State Data Recovery& Forensics LLC went well beyond the norm to help me. With me playing the role of delivery agent, Don was able to diagnose and repair my hard drive within 24 hours. He was professional in his work, but was very patient and understanding in realizing my situation and making the effort to accommodate me. His willingness to work with my damaged drive on a weekend – no – on Super Bowl weekend, showed a level of professionalism and concern for the client that is rarely seen. As a software consultant, I will be recommending his services to anyone – business or personal – that has that critical failure when data cannot be accessed and the possibility that files are permanently lost makes finding the right company to perform repairs expertly and quickly the only priorities. Thank you Don for the excellence in your Workmanship and the far above normal Customer Service!”

-Greig Simpson,
Hightstown, NJ

August, 2011

“Each time I got a new laptop, I moved the older files to a usb external hard drive for reference and safe keeping. Since I wasn’t using it everyday, I though it could never crash. I even recently copied everything to a new drive, figuring that would be even safer. Guess what, new drives fail. My drive failed. Like most people, didn’t have a backup, even though I knew better. Being in the tech business, How many times I preached to others about doing backup’s to have something to recover from, and I didn’t. 15 years of photos and documents gone in a quick grind. My big concern now, who can I trust with my data. I didn’t want to take a chance with a big firm who would likely copy and save my data in their system. So I did some research, met with Anderson, and knew he was the guy. He got me back, 90% of my lost data. He even agreed to a second look to try and get some more data off. What can I say, went from a really bad, sad, day, to being lucky to find Anderson. Anderson did exactly what he said he would do and fast. I now use two RAID drives in an external drive so I have two copies, plus a SYNC program so I am always current and a backup utility. Should have done it sooner, but in the end, it all worked out. Thanks Anderson!”

-Mike Philadelphia

January, 2012

“Since I am not electronically savy, I didn’t have the knowledge to back my files up over the years. Therefore when the hard-drive on my laptop crashed, I was in shambles. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 weeks after Fathers Day in 2010. Now, we didn’t have your typical mother-in- law/daughter-in-law relationship, we actually enjoyed each others company…lol. We loved each other to pieces, more like mother & daughter. Heart breakingly in the first week of October 2010, she lost the battle and passed away. Besides the pictures & videos of my children, family, etc….solely on the laptop (not backed-up) the pictures & videos of & with her were among the irreplaceable files. Two other computer techs worked on the hard drive for days and could not retrieve the files. I was devastated, I absolutely NEEDED the pictures & videos, even if that was all that could be salvaged. I googled your company and took a chance. YOU ARE A LIFESAVER. You were able to give me hope in 10 minutes & permanent confirmation within 2 days. The fee was higher than I could manage, but you were kind enough to offer a payment plan. I would have paid almost anything to get those pics & vids, of my mother-in-law with my kids on her last healthy Christmas, off of that hard-drive. Your price was fair and you were accomodating in all aspects. I was so impressed. One day I’m crying and 4 days later I have everything in my hands, absolutely joyful. I am so grateful for your help and I will be sure to reccommend you to others. I wish you the best of luck with your business. Sincerely,”

-Jenna Makos,
Leesburg NJ

July, 2011

“When I dropped my portable drive, it had all my critical business and personal information on it. Of course I hadn’t backed it up. I called 8 or 10 “Data Recovery” services and noticed that their pitches were all similar. In fact, they all seemed to be reading the same script. First, they tried to assess how important the data was to me, in my opinion, in order to both remind me of the magnitude of the loss while justifying their recovery fee. In every case the prices I was quoted ranged from $900 or $1,000 to more than $2,000. Only after I sent the drive to the firm would I receive a firm quote. Something in my conversations just didn’t feel right. I realized these are just front-end marketing firms with very smooth talking sales people whose main job was to get the drives to the data recovery centers and earn fat fees on the service. Fortunately, I stumbled on to Mr. Anderson’s site and spoke with the owner, Don Anderson. His approach was completely different. It was clear I was talking directly to a professional in charge of the data recovery. Luckily for me, Don was local and I dropped my disk to him personally. Not only did Don recover my data as promised, he saved me a substantial amount over the other services. I highly recommend Don and Tri-State Data Recovery!”

-Steve A.,
Philadelphia PA

October, 2011

“Don, I want to thank you for recovering the information off of my personal computer. My financial records, both personal and business, were on the hard drive with no other back up. You have officially taught me to back up all the time. Again, thank you for your prompt attention and successful recovery. Sincerely,”

-Darlene R. Barber
Superintendent of Schools Cumberland County Technical Education Center

November, 2011

“I sent my 1TB internal hard drive to Don, at Tri-State data recovery. My conversations with Don were friendly and easy to understand. I was impressed by his ability to retrieve the data, and the timmeliness of the return of the unit. I would recommend his services any time.”

-John Buonocore,
Rumson NJ

November, 2011

“I had always put off backing up my data and I thought my music collection was lost forever when my hard drive failed. All the days upon days I had spent ripping my cd collection, my friends’ collections, and any other cd’s I could find….all that time wasted. Fortunately a quick google search showed that an expert in data recovery was less than an hour drive from my home. A quick email, an appointment to drop the drive off, and a few days later all my music was restored. I couldn’t be more satisfied.”

-Phil N.
Egg Harbor, NJ

August, 2011

“I had a main drive failure on my server at one of my stores. Anderson’s did a great job of retrieving the lost data and we were up and running in less than 24 hours. They were fast, professional and did a great job.”

-Howard Anderson (no relation)”
President Stony Brook Sew and Vacuums, Inc.

March, 2012

“My son loves taking photos. We purchased him a Mac laptop for school and for his photos but we never backed up his computer. The hard drive started to fail and we tried to get the files backed up at our local electronics chain store but they were unable to get the photo files – that was a waste of money…..and we were very disapointed. So I went to the internet were I found Don Anderson’s company. Don got right back to me. Don was local so I brought the laptop to him and he removed the hard drive and analyzed it right in front of me – he gave me a fair price, told me it would be about a day, and he was able to recover the photo files! We were very happy (especially my son….. who had thousands of vacation photos to the National Parks in Utah and Arizona). I highly recommend Tri State Data Recovery. Thanks Don!”

-Tom Del Conte
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

February, 2012

“I found Don Anderson’s data recovery business googling the internet. I was in search of someone local to repair a crashed portable hard drive. His immediate response, detailed explanation of diagnosis, repair and lead time was exceptional. The job was successful and completed sooner than forecasted. Excellence Don, thank you!”

-Jack Strobel,
Brick NJ


June, 2012

“I own a very busy recording studio and needed one of our dropped hard drives recovered quickly. Don was able to recover all of my data within a week and it was way cheaper than the other guys out there. Btw, The laboratory was very impressive and Don educated me on what had really happened to the hard drive. Dont take your precious info. to anyone but Tri-State Data Recovery. They literally saved my business this month!” -Steve Migliore,AudioMaxx Studios

March, 2012

“I had a large network drive crash. I did some research and was a bit put off by the prices for recovery. Then after an inventory of what I’d lost, I had no choice but to recover the data. I found tri-state and was happy with the service and cost. I was able to get some range estimate from other services without sending the drive, and tri-state’s was less expensive. The service was also very good. I got my recovered data back in less than a week. I would recommend to tri-state should anyone I know be so unfortunate as to need the service.” -Kathleen Walsh,Ledgewood, NJ 

July, 2012

“It was the day before a huge event I was preparing for work and just my luck would have it my external failed to power up when plugged in. Everything I had been working on was on for the past few months was on the external and I needed it recovered immediately. Don came out and recovered ALL of my data in under three hours! Turns out that only the casing was compromised and did not require being sent to a lab. I recommend his services to anyone who is looking for someone to do the job well!” -Layman LeeAtlantic City, NJ

August, 2012

“We own a landscaping company and in the middle of my busiest invoicing season, Quickbooks shut down and refused to open. My backups and my company file were corrupted. As it turns out, the NAS (network harddrive) was failing. Don recovered my entire file, within 1 day, I am kicking myself that it took me so long to call him. I was looking at re-creating 3 months of work in an old file, I cannot express how gretfull I am to him! If you are having any data issues at all, do not wait, call him immediately, he can help.”-Veronica, J&M Landscaping and Sprinklers

September, 2012

“Fast and easy. Don was very knowledgeable and made several recommendations to help preserve the integrity of my data. I could not have been more pleased.”-Frank SchimpfEnergyC2, LLC.

Ocotober, 2012

“Don at Tri-State Data Recovery is a real life saver! My video camera was dropped in a pool at my brother’s wedding. The camera was completely destroyed, I thought for sure that the footage we took from the wedding was long gone! After getting a hold of Don I was able to bring the camera in right away and he quickly and efficiently saved all of the data that was left on the cameras hard drive, I was happy enough to get my Brother’s wedding day back but to get all of the home movies I recorded of my son was a fantastic bonus!! I received my DVDs only 3 DAYS after I dropped it off to him! He was very nice and professional, I will absolutely be back if anything ever happens like that again, and I highly recommend him to all of my friends and family! Thank you Don!”-Amber Powell Blackwood, NJ

July, 2013

“I am a professional photographer with multiple external hard drives to store both client and personal images. After one of my drives malfunctioned and was unreadable by multiple computers I turned to Tri-State Data Recovery for support. Not only was ALL of my data recovered but it was done extremely quickly and with excellent customer service and communication throughout the entire process. I was thrilled that Don was able to recover everything and in a timely fashion, as access to the images was imperative. Tri-State Data Recovery comes highly recommended and I will continue to spread the word about their excellent service and superior quality of work!!” -Annie HerrmannAnne Constance Photography