Tri-State Data Recovery & Forensics, LLC- Featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer

ri-State Data Recovery is located right next to Philadelphia in Havertown, Pennsylvania.   We have been Philadelphia’s most trusted on-site data recovery firm since 2010.   On November 2013 we were interviewed on location and featured in The confidentiality and security of your data is our priority. All work is done on premises in a secure, alarmed lab .  We will be happy to give you a personal tour of the  facility when you drop off your drive to us. This means we aren’t outsourcing your drive to another state and tacking on fees or compromising the security of your data.  You won’t have to worry about where it’s going, if it’s being worked on someone qualified enough, permanent data destruction from inexperienced techs, or overpriced rates.   You will  speak to the engineer who will be working on your drive and can ask any questions you’d like without getting generic answers  . If you aren’t local don’t hesitate to call us as we will walk you through the process.  We use a certified class 10 clean room to repair damaged drives and are one of the only companies in the Tri-State area that is HIPAA certified and compliant. Taking your drive to a friend or tampering with it yourself from reading “do-it-yourself” tactics found online could leave your hard drive unrecoverable by anyone. Once a drive becomes physically damaged it’s important to stop powering it on and set it aside for professional services or you risk losing everything. In February 2015 we were interviewed on location and featured in a great story of the   Running software on a damaged drive could “beat it to death” by creating an unrecoverable amount of bad sectors. To start a case please follow the instructions by clicking here 02/2014 “Don managed to recover 98% of my 2tb drive that was damaged from … Read More