We have the fastest turnaround time with world class training in the entire Tri-State area!

Our rates are nearly half the price of larger data recovery companies that advertise in Philadelphia. You will get the satisfaction of knowing that your irreplaceable data will be in the hands of a certified and experienced engineer.

Data recovery can be broken into 3 levels of complexity for most typical hard drives. A description and “rough” price range is below. There are certain cases where a particular drive will fall out of this range. A firm quote can only be given after the diagnostic has been completed.

The costs involved in recovering your data explained.

You are only responsible for the diagnostic fee until you  approve the quote and verify the recovered data.  Some drives are unrecoverable by anyone because of physical platter damage, controller encryption, or excessive tampering.  In the case of a unrecoverable drive you only pay the diagnostic fee and nothing else.

When you send us a drive you will receive a phone call or email within 24 hours of receipt with the results of the diagnostic testing with a firm quote,  the odds of success and a realistic time frame.  If you approve the quote then we will proceed with the recovery.  If the attempt is unsuccessful after your approval then you pay nothing further.

** Please note that there are special cases where the odds of success are so low due to tampering that there is a very good chance the parts will become destroyed in the process due to excessive platter damage. If this happens, you will be given options of whether to proceed with the low odds of success or partial only recovery possibility requiring the cost of the parts (non refundable) involved in performing attempt. You also have the option to “call it off” before the work is performed, only having paid the diagnostic fee.  If the recovery is successful then the cost of the parts will be deducted from the total quote. If the data is only partially recoverable then we will reduce the quote accordingly.  If the data is not recoverable after we perform these extreme measures then nothing further is PAID besides the diagnostics fee and cost of parts.

We also offer expedited emergency service. We will work around the clock until your drive is finished. Additional costs apply for emergency service.

USB Flash memory sticks

Average cost of recovery is $300 per NAND chip for “chip off data recovery” depending on the time involved decrypting the NAND chip(s), and the size of the chips $300 +. Click HERE for more information on USB data recovery.

Solid State Hard Drives

We have several methods of working with failed SSD hard drives including PC-3000 SSD and chip off procedures.  SSD data recovery can be very time consuming and complex.  The costs of recovery start at $1000+ on solid state hard drives.

RAID data recovery

We specialize in repairing, rebuilding, and recovering all types of RAID arrays. Pricing for RAID recoveries will vary on how many drives are involved, amount and extent of damaged drives, type of RAID to rebuild and other complexities like virtual drives and type of file system.  Average cost for a RAID recovery is $1000 per drive.

Level 1 Data Recovery Services

Level 1 data recovery is considered “logical” data recovery. This is when nothing is physically wrong with the drive, but some kind of corruption has happened either from a virus or accidental format or deletion. The cost range for a Level 1 recovery is:


(depending on time).

Level 2 Data Recovery Services

A level 2 recovery is a more advanced stage of data recovery. This could be when a drive has slight damage resulting in multiple bad sectors, weak heads, level 1 service area corruption, or PCB damage.  It can be caused from a drop, age, tampering or many other factors. This is the most common type of recovery. Special hardware like the PC-3000 is needed to work with these drives for a successful recovery. The cost for a level 2 recovery ranges between:


(depending on time and size of drive).

Clean Room Data Recovery Services

A level 3 recovery is the most complicated process for data recovery. This is when a drive is damaged needing clean room work to repair it. It’s very common for drives that have been dropped to require a level 3 recovery. Most clicking and beeping drives need clean room repair. Parts are always required and much more time is involved. Once the repair has been completed then the work can continue with special hardware like the PC-3000 to target the user data and work with the “trouble” areas of the platters.  The price range for a level 3 is:

$1000-$2000 (based on time involved, cost of parts, size of drive, etcetera)