data recovery partner program

Your best option upon receipt of the damaged drive is to contact us immediately to avoid permanent damage and data loss. Hard drives can become unrecoverable from severe surface damage and excessive use after becoming damaged. Please click on the Drive Fitness Test link to download software to verify the status of the hard drive before attempting any type of recovery.

If the drive fails the test, isn’t recognized in the BIOS, or makes strange clicks or beeps  then you will  require  our professional  data recovery services. Special hardware like the PC-3000 is required, designed to read bad sectors and repair firmware modules. Do no run software recovery programs on damaged drives or risk damaging the drive further.

Did you know that we are one of the very few HIPAA compliant data recovery services out there legally able to accept drives in the medical field?

Your business could be generating so much more revenue having access to advanced data recovery procedures like a certified class 10 clean room for head replacments, or the PC-3000 to repair firmware and handle bad sectors.

Our data recovery partnership program has been improved. Please fill the form out below if you would like a partner package shipped out to you feel and to be added to the database for referrals!  Feel free to contact us directly with any questions you may have.  We can customize the program for you based on your data recovery needs.

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