Data Recovery

We offer data recovery on all types of desktop and laptop hard drives.  Including external portable usb flash drives and solid state hard drives.  We specialize in HIPAA compliant data recovery services, RAID, and dropped hard drives requiring clean room data recovery.  We perform data recovery from external NAS devices like Buffalo, or Western Digital RAID enclosures.  We also work on all types of Server RAID arrays.  The most common being RAID 5 configurations.  Click on the link below to visit our dedicated RAID website.

RAID Data Recovery Services

There are usually 4+ disks in a RAID 5 ARRAY, one which can fail and go unnoticed. When the first drive fails the RAID will continue to function until a second hard drive fails bringing down the entire ARRAY. These are most common in Dell and HP servers. Different types of hard drives including SAS, SSD, SCSI, SATA, and even IDE can be used in RAID configurations. We special hardware that reads bad sectors on SAS drives and use our world class education and experience to give you the best odds of success for rebuilding and recovering data from your failed server or single hard drive alike. Recovering from RAID ARRAYS is similar to data recovery on normal hard drives but after each drive is repaired, it’s like putting puzzle pieces together. If you experience data loss on your RAID system, there is still an excellent chance that we can retrieve the data. We specialize in all RAID configurations and have all the appropriate tools and knowledge to successfully repair, rebuild, and retrieve data from your RAID ARRAY.

HFS+ Macbook and Apple data recovery services.

macbook data recovery

We are experts at recovering data from MacBooks or other apple computers with normal spinning drives and SSD models like the drives found in the MacBook Air.A ? mark or a constant loading screen before the mac boots up is a good indication of a failed hard drive in a Mac. Most people don’t realize that the hard drives inside of a APPLE computer is the same drive (rebranded for Apple) that are inside of a windows PC. The difference is the file system. Apple does not offer data recovery services and in most cases the client will go to the Mac Store and have them remove the hard drive to be sent out to us for data recovery.

USB flash memory stick data recovery services

Tri-State Data Recovery is your best choice for recovering from nearly all brands of USB flash memory sticks.  We use special NAND readers to decode the NAND chip(s) located on your flash drives.  When a USB drive becomes damaged the NAND chip on the circuit board must be removed and decoded in order to rebuild and extract the data.